Designer Talk: Avoiding as Many Revisions as Possible

You know that the longer you’re a designer (especially freelance) the more you’ll be able to ‘hack’ the process of designing. I am excited because I just got a MacBook screen replacement from here and now my mac works again, so I am going to tell you everything I know about how to “hack” your clients!

It’s nothing a designer wants to do more than to deliver an effective, approved design as quick as possible. It helps us move on to the next client and, honestly, it’s some great gratification.

Not all the time are we extremely lucky. Just… Continue Reading →

The SEO Hustle

I don’t know what getting traffic to a site looked like 5 or even 3 years ago. that wasn’t my thing. And maybe this post is directed at the incorrect industry but I’ve come to feel like the whole search engine optimization thing as well as PPC advertising is a big, huge hustle.

I want you to type in whatever you want in Google. Maybe you want some information about animals or cars or whatever. You can be as detailed or as vague as you like. Now when the results come up, how many search queries are relevant? And how… Continue Reading →

Create a Business Plan That Works: Part 1 of 3

Here’s the first part of a three part series I did on business development and creation. I share some of the tips that have helped me get to where I am and the ones I use to get to where I’m going.

Part 1: Know who you are selling to. Is your target market too broad? Can you create a list of characteristics? Does this person even want your offerring?

I will be posting the remainder of the parts this week!

7 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from “The Office”

As we watch in great anticipation of the ninth and final season of the “The Office”, it’s hard not to have bittersweet moments where we remember our favorite episodes. Just yesterday I was talking to a friend who’s trying to catch up on seasons. We talked and laughed about how intense Dwight can be or eerily ironic and judgmental Angela is. It’s pretty obvious that the show is completely hilarious, but in our humor we often find moments of truth.

Dunder Mifflin has had it’s ups and downs as a paper company — one moment they’re on top of the… Continue Reading →

5 Things “Experts” Advise That Really Waste Time

I’m all about optimizing time. If I’ve done something for a solid amount of time and I don’t get the results I want, I’m going to just invest my time into the things I know work. Some people tell me I need to have some patience, which is true to an extent, but there are some things we are told to do that just really waste time.

I’ve never liked the fluff. In school I hate doing busy work because it was a total waste of time. Why let time pass purposefully and not optimize it? I don’t get that…. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons You Won’t Start Your Business

I’d say for the last three or so years I had made up in my mind that I wanted to start my own business — maybe earlier than that. I always knew that I wanted to create my own path to success. As a part time worker in retail, I had my share of doing what other people wanted. I’m opinionated yet creative and felt like I had some great ideas.

I would often tell friends of my ideas and what I wanted to do and it would end right there. I had been freelancing with graphic design for a… Continue Reading →